How Technology Changed Our Lives

In the middle of the darkness that engulfed the world, the technology changed the whole life of the individual beings. Undoubtedly, we have some negative consequences of this technology but the positive outcomes of technology have more weight than that of negative. However, it appears a little bit hard for us to feel that technology has changed our life since it’s taken its place slowly and gradually. Thus, there are myriad justifications that have been spotlighted below which can prove us that how technology has changed our life in-toto.

Education System

Education is a wide area but if we take just one facet that’s the means of learning then we could encounter with excellent difference that how it’s changed our life. As an example, if we were young, it had been so tough for us to have a fantastic education together with the wide variety of illustrations, and we used to go to purchase different expensive books just for the sake of limited subjects for making notes and could have great marks in our examinations. Nevertheless, in this technological world, it has become very easy to get different subjects on the world of the net in the very short span of time that also is also shared with the buddies on Social Networking

Business System

In the ancient period, it was too tricky to provide advertisement of recently launched business with obsolete sources like pasting posters on the wall, distributing the pamphlet to individuals in a crowded marketplace, etc.. Nevertheless, in this modern world, technology has made quite easy for sharing advertising of our business at several areas like on internet websites, on social networking, on large LCD’s at busy streets, etc.. So, this is the way our life has changed because of technical aid and we can easily market our business right away.

Medical Department

Aside from the subject of business, Medical Department is at its peak just due to technology. In early life, it was the only Malaria, a deadly disease, due to the many people lost their lives, but this Malaria that’s caused by Plasmodium can readily be treated with no risk. Likewise, this medical science is functioning efficiently and it’s identified countless ways to live a safe life than earlier. Therefore, technology is the only liable course that has changed our life.

Communication System

Last but not least, the communication system has completely changed our life in this technological world, and it has made a world as a global village. Previously, people used to send their message through the aid of pigeons, then postman but today it is now quite easy to not send the message but also can gain access to video call to the one you need to send the message. This is the internet together with smartphones that have made simpler for every person to connect himself with his distant relatives around the globe. Thus, it’s the only technology that has made our lives simpler than before.

In short, we’re totally determined by the technology and all we’re eating, wearing, composing, etc. all made of technology that means we’re totally relying on the area of technology, so this is how technology has changed our life without which it is not possible to survive such a simple life.

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