Can Technology Save Our Planet?

This question was in the minds of most people. In the middle of this uprising technology advances, we’re also faced with plenty of negative effects we see now. This question is in fact related to life and medication as technology has solved lots of our health issues before that was nearly impossible to take care of. But could technology actually help solve our world’s problems? Only we can answer it.

Most of us have faced the very same problems the other people have. Technology for this matter actually influenced lots of our life’s facet that we’re hooked on it. However, as we advance in the search for greater and better technology we’re given a different set of issues. And what is so devastating about these issues is that we can’t readily eliminate it without needing to change our life still.

But the great thing is that we really do have the technology to offset these negative outcomes. And what are these unwanted outcomes? Take pollution for example. This is one negative impact of progress all of us have been dealing with because we appreciate the value of using power. Actually, we cling to it like we can’t live a life without it. This, in turn, made our life easier on some parts and tougher on a few.

We are in need of technology to make lives easier now. With so many tasks that will need to be performed on a day we surely needed some help with it. This is where we’ve benefited lots of things out of technology. We can do a ton of task with lesser time demanded thus taking advantage of what we have.

When we have the technology to offset the negative effects of advancement then why do we still have these issues now? The very simple reason for this is we ourselves. We love technology, however, we don’t actually care much about technology. We’re so focused on things that we see significant but then we rarely find the truth that our environment suffers from our activities. In actuality, if we want to use our technology to help our environment, we can reduce our sufferings in a year. Yet we’re so consistent on utilizing technology but then abandoned our surroundings to rot.

This thinking ought to be changed today. Our environment is where we live in. It is where we get all of our needs to enjoy life and technology. We have to think about that so as to enjoy technology we must bring about environmental awareness and concern. An individual can never enjoy technology with no environment to live in. Learning how to utilize natural energy is simpler than what you might have thought. If we work out together, progress can stay a helping hand rather than a problem.

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